Air/Fuel Separator


These devices are a mini surge tank and can also be used instead of floated tank vent valves mounted on the tank. They allow vapors to pass through to the canister and accumulate small amounts of fuel that will drain back to the tank, thus protecting the canister. Air/Fuel separators are designed to protect canisters from liquid fuel. Vapors pass through the device to the canister while liquids are returned to the fuel tank.

  • Perko A/F separators mount using the same "floating bracket" system used on Perko-Delphi carbon canisters.

  • A 0588 series TVV is mounted inside each Perko A/F separator giving it rollover protection, overpressure relief and the restriction needed to aid in automatic pump shutoff.

  • Heat shields are available for use in engine compartment installations.

  • Properly installed, A/F separators can replace tank vent valves eliminating the need to provide access to distant parts of the fuel tank.

Catalog No. Heat Shield Length Inches Width Inches Projection Inches Hose Connection Inches OEM Bulk Pkg. Shipping Weight Lbs.
0488001 No 6-3/4 4-1/3 3-1/2 5/8 5 3.7
0488H01 Yes 6-3/4 4-1/3 3-1/2 5/8 5 3.7

Air/Fuel Separator - New Compact Design

  • Take diurnal emission valves off your fuel tank.

  • Reduce diurnal emission control costs.

  • Meet EPA & CARB requirements.

  • Eliminate tank access issues.

  • Available in two hose connection positions: 5/16" & 5/8" (Specify right facing or left facing when ordering)

  • Easy to install, includes surface mounting bracket

  • Material: Black Polymer

  • Screw Size: #8

Mount Style For Hose Diameter OEM Bulk Pkg.
Left Facing 5/16" 0723AF1L00
Right Facing 5/16" 0723AF1R00
Left Facing 5/8" 0723AF2L00
Right Facing 5/8" 0723AF2R00

Air/Fuel Separator Access Issues

Perko’s Air/Fuel Separator helps solve difficult access problems. Running internal vent lines (in either plastic or aluminum tanks) and replacing the tank vent valves with an Air/fuel separator eliminates the need to provide access to distant corners of the tank.

Air/Fuel Separator Positioning

Perko’s Air/Fuel separator must be positioned horizontally above the highest level that fuel in the tank can reach during full tilt or storage. The further away from the port/starboard centerline of the tank that the Air fuel separator is located, the higher it must be positioned above the tank.

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