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  • Perko Guides Replacement Gas Cap Choices

    During the heat of the day, a boat's fuel tank can warm and the liquid within it expand. This built-up pressure used to be vented off through fittings. But in 2011, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated that fuel systems on new boats be sealed to protect air quality from hydrocarbon emissions. Perko has responded with its full line of EPA-compliant, replacement sealed gas caps with built-in vacuum over pressure relief (VOPR), each proudly made in the USA.

    Whether it falls overboard at the fuel dock or has simply lost its lustrous shine, it's important for boat owners to know what type of system they have to correctly select the proper cap. The company's packaging makes selecting the right model easy: blue is for pre-2011 vented systems and green is for post-2011 sealed designs.

    Using the wrong cap can be dangerous to both the boater and the environment. A sealed version on a vented system may cause a tank to over-pressurize and create...