Latest Press Releases - Page 4

  • Perko announces introduction of new half-liter canister

    Perko, and emission system partner Delphi, have introduced a new 1/2 liter carbon canister. This new EPA certified canister is less expensive and significantly smaller that their current 1 liter canister.

    It has an overall length of just over 9", essentially eliminating the problem of finding space for canisters on smaller boats. This new canister is certified for use on tanks holding as much as 45 gallons of fuel for trailerable boats, and up to 90 gallons for non-trailerable boats. All Delphi canisters are in production and available now.

  • Perko announces formal EPA certification of canisters

    Perko's emission system partner Delphi has received formal certification from the EPA for their carbon canisters. The canisters have been certified based on their tested performance.

    This means that the EPA allows Delphi canisters to be used on tanks larger than those allowed with canisters that are EPA certified by design. The savings to boatbuilders, both in cost as well as space, is significant.

    The Delphi 1.0 liter canister can now be used on tanks as large as 90 gallons on trailerable boats and 180 gallons on non-trailerable boats, versus 25 gallons and 50 gallons respectively under the EPA document, nearly a 400% improvement.

  • PERKO develops free fuel system design booklet

    After successfully conducting training seminars across the country on the new diurnal emissions requirements, Perko now offers an informative booklet to aid their customers through the fuel system design process. This practical guide takes readers step-by-step through the various stages of construction to ensure they comply with updated regulations.

    Providing a compressive resource, the in-depth booklet includes a helpful worksheet section. These useful forms make organizing the process simple regardless of whether builders decide to design the systems in-house or work with system integrators.

    Copies of this educational booklet will be available at the International Boatbuilders' Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) or by contacting Perko directly.

  • PERKO takes fuel system design training on the road

    Now busy boat and fuel tank builders don't have to wait for the next trade show to learn about the new diurnal emissions requirements and the numerous options available to address them. Bringing the latest advancements in fuel system technology to their doorsteps, Perko is conducting in-depth, training seminars across the country.

    "The primary goal of these seminars is to convey enough information to builders so that they feel comfortable designing their own fuel systems and/or evaluating design proposals offered by suppliers," said VP of sales and marketing George Bellwoar. "More than 40 builders have already attended one of these sessions."

    The seminar covers the new emissions requirements and solutions. Sample tanks, valves, canisters, vents and fills help builders understand fuel system design issues, such as creating ullage and proper venting, as well as avoiding spitback and wellback.

  • PERKO announces the addition of Alfmeier valves

    New EPA regulations limit the amount of harmful vapors that can be released into the atmosphere by boats with built-in fuel storage. To help builders meet these new requirements, Perko expanded its line to include Delphi marine evaporative emission canisters and has now added a line of specialized fuel system valves.

    The new EPA regulations require boatbuilders to install carbon canisters in a way that will prevent raw fuel from entering them. According to George Bellwoar, vice president of sales & marketing for Perko, "Alfmeier has been manufacturing specialized fuel system valves for some of the world's most prestigious automobile manufacturers for over 30 years. The design and construction of their valves has been proven safe and reliable in millions of cars and trucks worldwide."

    "We have been working with Alfmeier to develop ways to easily install these valves in marine fuel tanks and added these products to our line so boatbuilders can select all of the specialized components they need to meet the new regulations from their traditional source for fills," said Bellwoar. "Plus, Alfmeier manufactures all of the valves we are using in marine fuel systems in America, which supports our company philosophy."

    Markus Farrenkopf, president of Alfmeier, indicates that "Alfmeier is proud to partner with Perko to bring proven automotive technology to marine fuel tank systems. We look forward to working with Perko to utilize existing and new products that exceed regulatory requirements, provide improved fuel system performance and protect the environment for us all."

    Since 1936, Perko has been manufacturing state-of-the-art fuel system components for boat owners and builders worldwide. The company offers a wide range of carbon canisters, fuel system valves, fills, vents and caps. Perko has set up the website to educate visitors about the federal regulations and its new fuel system products.